Fort Myers Urban Lifestyles


Living in an urban setting where life goes on without jumping in the car several times a day can be very rewarding. I had this experience in my late twenties living in Downtown Boston. Walking to work, jogging along the river and trying new ethnic restaurants…..what could be better!

Unlike some of our older livable cities like New York, Chicago, Washington DC and Boston, much of Florida was developed around the automobile. For many years, we have specialized in suburban-orientated, amenity-rich, gated communities, not urban focused settings.

The News-Press ran an uplifting story today about the growing urban scene in Downtown Fort Myers. I truly enjoyed reading about some of our residents who are enjoying an urban lifestyle. Many housing options are available in the downtown River District including high-rise condos and single-family homes in Historic Dean Park.

Downtown Fort Myers offers convenience with a historic vibe [News-Press]

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