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Village Square Coming to Downtown Cape Coral

A major new mixed-use development appears to be once again headed to Downtown Cape Coral, one that could drastically change the look of the area in the coming years. Dubbed Village Square, the project is expected to include a full city block of high-rise condos, restaurants, shops, offices and a parking garage.

bimini basin cape coral

Bimini Basin: Cape Coral Thinking Big

Cape Coral city leaders are “thinking big” with plans to develop land around the Bimini Basin. Right now leaders are just starting the process of soliciting bids to push forward one of the largest development projects in the area.

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Cape Coral Eying CRA District Improvements

Cape Coral city leaders are eying new Community Redevelopment Agency improvements, with plans to further boost economic growth and encourage investment in the area. One of the latest plans calls for a Streetscape Improvement Project for downtown, making the area more pedestrian-friendly.

bimini basin cape coral

Bimini Basin Redevelopment Could Transform Cape Coral

Downtown Cape Coral may be heading toward a surge in redevelopment along the waterfront, putting Bimini Basin front and center in an effort to stimulate the city’s economy. One major goal is using the park’s frontage on the basin as an opportunity to attract business and condos alike that in turn brings in new residents and creates jobs.

Cape Exploring Bimini Basin Development Opportunities

Cape Coral businesses are rallying behind a proposal to support a multi-million dollar canal development along the Bimini Basin in downtown Cape Coral. Nearly all major Cape Coral business organizations, for the first time, are standing in unison behind one project that could bring in millions of tourist dollars to an ideal commercial waterfront location in Cape Coral with its miles of canals and waterfronts.

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Cape Coral CRA District – Enjoy A Walkable Lifestyle

The rumors that you may have heard up north that nobody walks anywhere in Cape Coral are a bit of a stretch. The Downtown Cape Coral Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) District neighborhood offers a multitude of reasons and places to walk in the heart of Cape Coral.

Cape Coral Country Club Hotel

The Cape Coral Country Club Area

The Cape Coral Country Club area is a neighborhood in Southeast Cape Coral with a history that dates back to the early days of the Cape. Cape Coral developer Gulf American Corporation built the 175-acre Country Club as well as the Yacht Club to use in their marketing efforts to sell vacant lots.

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Fort Myers Urban Lifestyle Neighborhoods

In this era of expensive gasoline, ultra-long commutes from distant suburbs and an increased focus on walkability, many Americans are fleeing suburbia for an urban lifestyle experience. Many of our nation’s great cities are experiencing a revitalization of their urban cores as more people move into them and create a new vibrancy.