Pickleball: Florida’s Favorite Sport

Although the history books say it began in Washington state, pickleball has quickly grown into Florida’s favorite sport. Described by some as part tennis, part ping pong and part badminton, you’ll now find pickleball courts all over the Sunshine State.

pickleball paddle and ball

Pickleball Gaining Momentum in Southwest Florida

While Southwest Florida may traditionally be known for its golf courses, tennis courts and even bocce ball, it seems a new trend is taking over. Pickleball is gaining momentum in the region, joining the lengthy lists of available amenities offered within not only new communities but older ones as well.

Fort Myers Area Communities with Pickleball

Combine badminton, ping pong and tennis in a blender and voila…..you have the sport of pickleball. Played on a court (20 ft x 44 ft) that is smaller than a tennis court with a lower net, pickleball uses a plastic ball that that looks like a wiffle ball.