residences at coconut point balcony overlooking retail and entertainment area

Dining, Shopping and More at The Coconut Point Mall

The Coconut Point Mall is the perfect destination for food, shopping and entertainment set in a picturesque outdoor mall featuring over 140 stores, including Target, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Dillards Department Store, surrounding several acres of lakes with a boardwalk. Shopping varies across every price point from apparel, jewelry, and accessories to sporting goods.

Live at Coconut Point and Lose the Car Keys

As Americans turn away from sprawling suburbia to more urban neighborhoods, walkable communities have exploded in popularity. While the majority of Southwest Florida isn’t considered overly walkable, the Coconut Point area is an exception. The Coconut Point Mall, which anchors the master-planned Coconut Point area features 113 stores, 25 restaurants and a movie theater.

downtown fort myers

Fort Myers Urban Lifestyle Neighborhoods

In this era of expensive gasoline, ultra-long commutes from distant suburbs and an increased focus on walkability, many Americans are fleeing suburbia for an urban lifestyle experience. Many of our nation’s great cities are experiencing a revitalization of their urban cores as more people move into them and create a new vibrancy.

downtown fort myers

Live, Work and Play in Fort Myers

Many top land planing experts, economists and local leaders met yesterday in Downtown Fort Myers to discuss land planning for the next 25 years in the Fort Myers area.

residences at coconut point

Residences at Coconut Point

In a region known for its auto-dependent gated-community lifestyle, an urban walker-friendly condo option is now available. The Residences at Coconut Point is a residential condo community located at the vibrant Coconut Point Mall in Estero, Florida.

Fort Myers Urban Lifestyle Real Estate

The has a story about a recent speech given by housing researcher John Mcllwain titled, “The Suburban Century is Over.” Mcllwain predicts a shift in American housing and lifestyle preference away from the white picket fence suburbia towards a more urban lifestyle. In TV terms the wonderful suburban neighborhoods of Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and Bewitched are fading and the urban lifestyles of the Odd Couple, Mary Tyler Moore and Frazier are coming of age.