Fort Myers high-rise valuations

Valuing Oasis Condos in Fort Myers for Absolute Auction

The Fort Myers real estate community is buzzing with anticipation due to the upcoming auction of 125 condos at the Oasis high-rise development. Forty of the condos will be sold on an absolute basis with no minimum price. The Oasis owners have brought in the big guns from Washington, DC…..McWilliams | Ballard to market this property. McWilliams | Ballard is known in the Mid-Atlantic region for manufacturing a buzz for developers as they bring new product to market.

Oasis Fort Myers Foreclosed by BOA

Bank of America has foreclosed on the Related Group’s Oasis Condominium development in the Fort Myers River District. The $157M filing ranks as the second largest ever in Lee County. Jorge Perez and the team at Related Group had ambitious plans to bring a slice of South Beach to Fort Myers, but missed badly on the Oasis project.

Fort Myers High-rise Duel

The battle royale between New Jersey firefighter Victor Vangelakos and Fort Myers high-rise developer the Related Group is an ongoing fight.

A Lonely Oasis

One of the misfortunes of the Southwest Florida housing bust is that the magnificent Oasis I luxury high-rise in downtown Fort Myers has only one resident.¬† This is truly a shame as the Oasis is a first-class project that delivers a hint of Miami Beach to the River District scene.[…]

An Oasis in Fort Myers

The luxury urban lifestyle commonly associated with South Beach has come to the Fort Myers landscape courtesy of the Related Companies and their new project, the Oasis. This development features five 32-story high-rises sited along the Caloosahatchee River in the Downtown Fort Myers River District. With 1,079 units at full[…]